Office performs professional, administrative and technical tasks for UPUHH and its bodies. The activities are carried out by the office Director, Sector Manager and professional associate


mr.sc. Iva Bahunek

Director organizes and coordinates the work of the Expert Service, ensures proper and timely performance of duties, ensures that resources are utilised properly, recommends personnel to the Executive Committee, supervises the work of staff in the Professional Service, operationalizes cooperation with other, same or similar organizations or their representatives in home and abroad, organizes UPUHH-bodies information about the UPUHH-and its undertaken activities.
Contacts with representatives of the media and, together with the President of the Executive Committee or the President of the Assembly determines the strategy of communicating with the public.
Based on the specific authorization of the President of the Assembly and the President of the Executive Board acts within their jurisdiction (regarding UPUHH representation in some events, participates in individual projects and executes all the other decisions which the Assembly, the Executive Committee and the UPUHH Presidency dictate). The Director reports to the Executive Committee and the Executive Board.

Assistant expert

dipl. oecc. Rina Zirić

  • Assistant expert performs the following tasks:
  • Drafts the Professional Service annual plan of activities (program, projects)
  • Implements program and marketing activities
  • Monitors and participates in the implementation of projects
  • Monitors legislation, prepares proposals of activities related to regulations-application
  • Takes care of UPUHH sponsors and donors and develops new forms of cooperation
  • Develops a project proposal for the training of personnel and implements the project
  • Contacts with UPUHH members and, if necessary, with other enterprises and individuals at home and abroad
  • Organizes and monitors the work of all UPUHH sections 
  • Organizes and controlls activities that inform the membership
  • Duly notifies the President of the Assembly and executive eommittee about relevant-to business facts 
  • Attends and takes Minutes at the meetings of all UPUHH's bodies 
  • Keeps records and archives of all sessions
  • Supervises the financial UPUHH's operations 
  • Performs translations 
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Director Responsible to the Director.
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